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Understand the Causes of Kyphosis and the Various Risk Factors

Kyphosis is one of the abnormalities in the spine, where the shape of the upper spine is too bent or curved backward, so that the sufferer's body posture becomes bent. Mild kyphosis usually does not require treatment. However, if the condition is severe enough, kyphosis can cause pain, so that requires treatment by a doctor. Causes of Kyphosis You Need to Know Based on the cause, kyphosis can be divided into several types, namely: Postural kyphosis Postural kyphosis is the most common type of kyphosis in adolescents. The condition of the bent upper spine is caused by the habit of bending when sitting and standing. Postural kyphosis is more commonly experienced by girls than boys. However, this type of kyphosis is classified as mild and rarely causes pain. Postural kyphosis is also easily corrected by practicing correct sitting and standing. Kifosis Scheuermann Scheuermann kyphosis is a type of kyphosis characterized by abnormalities of the spinal structure. This type of
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Mother, This is the Importance of Family Meal for Your Little One

Did you know that eating with family has a positive impact on your child, both in terms of physical and psychological health? Come, see the following review. Eating together with family is now increasingly rare. Though these activities have many benefits, not only to satisfy hunger and thirst. Behind this routine that sounds trivial, there are a series of benefits that can be obtained by Little you know, Mother! Why is eating together important for your little one? If Mother, Father and Little are more often eat at separate times and places, let's, from now on, make it a habit to eat with family. Why? Because of these good habits, Little One can get the following benefits: 1. Increase children's interest in food One of the benefits of eating with family is increasing your child's interest in food. If your child is difficult to eat or likes to choose food, try to get him used to eating with Mother, Father and other family members. By eating with family, Little Kids

Yawning Is Not Naturally Sleepy

Everyone must have evaporated, both young and old. But has it ever crossed your mind about why humans yawn? As lay people, we only know that yawning is a sign that someone is lacking sleep or sleepiness. Or is not it? It is undeniable, yawning is very closely related to sleepiness or fatigue. According to some studies, yawning can be a sign of drowsiness, fatigue, or sleep disturbance. A neurologist from the University of Maryland, United States who has been researching yawning for 30 years, said that someone yawns as a sign of fatigue. According to him, people will yawn when approaching bedtime or after waking up. In addition, yawning is thought to have something to do with boredom. The same expert conducted an experiment regarding the relationship between yawning and boredom by dividing the two groups of teenagers. The first group was given a watch about an unattractive color test, while the second group was given a watch of a music video. The results showed that adolescents in